• You Have 3 Powers

    What are you creating with them?

    Responsibility is applied consciousness.

    Irresponsibility is applied unconsciousness.


    Power is the ability to make things happen.


    Power can be applied responsibly or irresponsibly.


    Irresponsibly applied power cannot be conscious because the consciousness of irresponsibly applied power would be too painful to endure. This is a self-correcting system. If power is applied unconsciously it serves Shadow Purposes. If power is applied consciously it serves Bright Principles.


    There are indeed many kinds of power, such as wind power, gravitational power, solar power, the power of your feelings and emotions, the power of evolution, the power of money, the power of Gaia, the power of nonviolent noncompliance, the power of navigating space, the power of going nonlinear, the power of your Box and Gremlin to defend your status quo and keep things the same, the power of your Being to evolve, and the power of your life energy feeds whatever voice, demon, commitment, or purpose you give your attention to.


    Here in this website, we are talking about 3 particular energetic creation powers: Consciously Declaring, Consciously Choosing, and Consciously Asking.


    You already have and apply these 3 energetic creation powers, although we suggest that you apply these 3 powers unconsciously, implying that you use these 3 powers to serve Shadow Principles.


    Your experimenting will build matrix in you to apply these 3 energetic creation powers to serve your Bright Principles.



    The Power Of Declaring

    Who Has The Power


    The Power Of Choosing

    Who Has The Power

    If you make a choice for a reason, then who has the responsibility for your choice? Who has the power? You? Or your reason?


    The reason has the power.


    How can you make a choice so that you have the responsibility and the power?


    You can reclaim the power in your choosing when you disconnect your choices from reasons.


    By observing the choice-making process in your 5 Bodies you will probably see after a while that your choices come first, and then you apply a reason to prepare yourself in case some external authority person asks you to explain why you did that.


    If this happens, you will also notice that you create or customize each reason you give to fit the mental and emotional requirements of the person who is asking you to justify yourself.


    But then you are using reasons as a shield so that if your decision is questioned, it is your reason that is to blame, not you. Your reason then is responsible for your choice. Your reason has the power, not you.


    Where Does The Magical Power Of Choosing come in?

    When choosing, there can be a strong tendency to use linear thinking and to conclude that the first 2 possibilities you find are the two options you have to choose from. Then you end up thinking, "I can either choose this, or that." For example, "I can either have a work life or a home life." "I can either be strong or compassionate." "I can either be rich or have fun." "I can either be myself or be in relationship."


    EXPERIMENT 3POWERSx.01: NINE OPTIONS Adopt the new behavior of continuing to create options to choose from even after you have found two reasonable options to choose from. Do not stop creating options. This would be like concluding that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line! This ignores all the nonlinear options that are shorter, faster, more efficient and more effective than the one 'right' answer you were taught in school. Starting now make it a habit to create 9 options to choose from. Especially when other people are involved, you have group intelligence to liberate and focus on the challenge of creating 9 options rather than stopping after having the usual 2 options. Two options is being stingy and staying in scarcity. Instead be generous with at least once per day giving yourself 9 options to choose from.


    EXPERIMENT 3POWERSx.02: AVOID THIS OR THAT Each time you find yourself crammed into the dichotomy or polarity of perceptions and are about to conclude that you must choose from among two bad choices, tell people you are doing 'This Or That Thinking'. By giving your situation a name you create a branch point that can go off in a diagonal direction from your current path and create a new future for yourself. The branch is created by adamantly asking yourself the following question: "Who would I have to be to have this AND that?" The answers to this question paint out a new state of Being by giving the steps needed to get from the way you are now to a new way of being that includes seemingly contradictory circumstances but which in reality do not. The reality in which the qualities are not contradictory become visible from a new perspective, taking a look from a distance, for example, or finding a place in nature where both qualities meet and noticing how it is to be there. Then practice the new qualities.


    EXPERIMENT 3POWERSx.03: AVOID COMPROMISING Catch yourself when you are limiting your options through compromises. A compromise is when one person agrees to give up certain of their wishes IF the other person agrees to give up certain of their wishes. Compromise can change the game from 'I win-you win', to 'I lose-you lose'. Why do that? Why compromise? Compromising is assuming that you have surveyed all the possible options and found yourselves lacking in an option that allows for everyone to get what they want.






    The Power Of Asking

    Who Has The Power

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